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BSPTS History

The pioneer of the Barcelona school was the Spanish PT Elena Salvá. She met Katharina Schroth and Christa Lehnert-Schroth in Germany during the 60’s and they became good friends. Elena Salvá founded the Institute with her name in Barcelona and started to use the Schroth method to treat scoliosis patients in 1968. She passed away in 2007 but she transmitted her passion and devotion as well as her high technical knowledge to her daughter Gloria Quera-Salvá and her son in law Manuel Rigo, both medical doctors, who continued her work at the Institute.

Dr. Manuel Rigo and Dr Gloria Quera-Salvá received approval to begin teaching Schroth certification courses for physical therapists in 1989 – first in Barcelona and later in Israel and the USA. In 2009, Dr. Rigo founded BSPTS to further develop scoliosis curriculum for educating physical therapists.

BSPTS teaches the original principles of Schroth, with advanced concepts learned during years of clinical experience and research. The first International Body of Instructors for the school was formed in 2011 in order to begin offering scoliosis rehabilitation education courses across the world.